Still waiting, God!

postat de noisafimsanatosi in 2008-07-27 00:28
(One day before I was conceived)

God: Next!

Viorel: Hi!

G: Hello there, son! So what are your choices of virtues?

V: I'll be fine with anything that will enable me to have a nice life.

G: Well, we're all out of looks, social skills and charm. But we do have a nice packet of wits, social anxiety, awkwardness and creativity!

V: Oh, uh, ok, if you say it will make me happy...

G: That's the spirit! Of course, the creativity will come from your bipolar disorder so I'll also throw in some low self-esteem and a nice ability that will allow you to browse Wikipedia for days. But don't worry, it will all pay off in the end!

V: Thank you, I guess.

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